Lab incubator
Model No:
CE , GMP, FDA, ISO9001 , ISO13485
Specification :
Model IN-601 IN-601 (Digital)
Capacity 34, 53, 75, 90, 110, 150 L
Control system Analog Microprocessor
Temp control ON / OFF PID
Temp setting Analog Digital
Temp readout Thermometer Digital
Air convection Natural (Gravity) Forced convection
Temp uniformity ±5.0ºC at 37ºC ±3.0ºC at 37ºC
Temp stability ±3.0ºC at 37ºC ±1.0ºC at 37ºC
Over-temp alarm & shutout At 80ºC 4ºC to the set point
Timer Mechanical, 180 min + HOLD
Temperature range Ambient + 5ºC to 75ºC
Standard accessory 2 S/S mesh shelves, adjustable
Key Features:

(IN-601 (Digital))
- Timer is working only when the set temperature has been stabilized. Functions audible & visible alarm against the over heating.
- Adjustable fresh air inlet port at bottom and top provides control of the amount of convective air.
- Built-in module temperature controller provides an accurate temperature display
- Safety devices:
- Over temperature alarm and shutout to 4ºC above set point.
- Independent safety switch protects specimen from excessive heating at 80ºC if the primary control fails.
- Optional leakage breaker with O.C.
- Audible & visible alarm indicated by lamp
- Timer is displayed by “END” when the incubation cycle is completed. When alarm is working.
- Memory stores the temperature and the past time if door is opened during operation

- This model is used when the samples can’t be disturbed by air current and also for use when the accurate temperature and uniformity are not critical important to users.
- A mercury thermometer is mounted on top of the equipment providing temperature direct reading.
- Comes with hydraulic thermostat sensor.
- The door lock is newly designed easy to lock and open.
- The formed door gasket is efficient to prevent the heat loss



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